What is sustainability?

Sustainability means standing the test of time. This idea can be applied to every aspect of our lives, whether it's growing a business, keeping our rivers clean, or bolstering health at home. To build a truly sustainable community, we need to invest in three major sectors: social, environmental and economic.

Social sustainability is found in communities that promote the continuous wellbeing of their residents, both physically and mentally. Economic sustainability is a result of a business or organization’s ability to produce without running out of resources or producing excess waste. Environmental sustainability marries these two areas, asking businesses and organizations to serve the people and the communities they are a part of for the benefit of the people and their bottom line. 

How are we promoting sustainability in the Fox Valley?

The Fox Valley Sustainability Network focuses on seven areas of sustainability: water, waste, transportation, food, economic development, energy and green infrastructure. By creating dialogue between leaders in the public and private sectors, we can help drive social change in the Fox Valley.  Keeping the Fox River clean. Providing fresh, healthy food. Decreasing waste production. Growing avenues of eco-friendly transportation. These goals parallel our mission to empower private interests to expand renewable energy, spur financial growth through efficient, eco-friendly practices and encourage the greening of infrastructure in our communities. 

By instilling a sustainable mindset in leaders from all backgrounds, and by providing the resources needed to implement sustainable practices, we can usher in a healthier, happier, and enduring legacy for the communities in the Fox Valley.